Monday, January 12, 2009

What's up everyone?? Another year is among us and we are all setting new personal goals. My goals are to have an awesome off-season with lots and lots of gains. I have hit the 250lbs mark and I am in pretty good condition. I still want to bring up my quad sweep and my shoulder width so I am working extra hard to do that. I am hitting my delts twice a week now. I am also happy that my appetite has improved and I am eating 7-8 meals per day. It feels so good to be hungry most of the time.
The attached picture was taken at the gym last week and I am hoping that the gains I have made in my upper body are evident
. This off-season I am taking a different approach and trying to not put too much pressure on myself. I am trying to make training fun so that I enjoy my workouts like how I used to be in the old days. I can be very hard on myself sometimes and I am finding that is quite detrimental to my progress. I am just going with the flow now! If I feel strong one day then I go heavy and if I feel not so strong the next day then I will go lighter. The main objective is to keep training consistently the entire year.
Megs and myself are most liking going to be attending the Arnold this year so if you see us then do not hesitate to come over and say hi. This will be the first Arnold that Meghan and I have been too and we are really looking forward to it... Until next time....Be happy and train hard Troy :) P.S. Many thanks to my good friend and legendary producer Karl Tuff Enuff Brown for all the new music you have sent me.

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