Monday, December 1, 2008

Off season Up date!!!

What's up everyone? I hope you are all doing well.

Wow, where has this year gone? Time flies when you are having fun!!

I thought I would just post an update on how things are going with me. So here goes....

I am really into my offseason now and my strength in the gym is improving big time. I have taken my food consumption to another level because I know I need to eat more if I want to make the gains that I desire. I feel like I am constantly eating. Thank you to my training partner Rob for showing me some new tricks on getting more food down. I often struggle with my appetite and getting all my food down in the offseason. I am trying to eat 7-8 meals a day. I am eating more beef (extra lean) and I am keeping my carbohydrates pretty high.

I have recently started going to the chiropractor to get my body adjusted. My goal is to go every other week and I feel so good after each session so it is definitely worth it.

My left bicep tendon has been playing up lately so I have been getting Active Release Therapy (ART) on it. So, at the moment I cannot train biceps heavy but I have been doing slower repetitions to compensate. I think it is so important to look after yourself and your body in order to remain healthy and happy.

I have received the IFBB Professional Contest dates for 2009. There are some awesome shows that I could do in 2009 but I am more focused on making gains in my offseason rather than competing. Once Hany Rambod thinks I am ready than I will compete. My heaviest offseason weight was 250lbs in 2007 so we plan to get me up to 260lbs in good condition. WOW! I love this sport!

Tonight is chest so to fire me up I am going to watch some of Phil Heath's chest workouts and play some banging UK Garage Music in my car on the way to the gym.

I must keep saying to myself Mr. Olympia, it is my dream to make that stage.
I cannot do it without a good team! Megs is always there supporting/encouraging me with everything and making sure I eat and sleep. Rob, my training partner kicks my ass in the gym and helps me take my training to another level and he is a great friend!

Until next time peeps!
Follow your Bliss!!!!

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