Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I will be back!!

Well it is four days since the show in Dallas Texas and I have had time to reflect. I cant be upset with my placing as I did everything I could do for this show. It was a staked show with the best pro's around. Again I am still learning as it was only my 4Th pro show. But I had a great time in Dallas. The people there are so friendly and it is very cheap too.
As for this week I taking some down time to rest and eat up a bit then next week I start my off season prep. I am also taking a whole year off competing. So I have a whole full year to add more size. In this time I will be working with Hany Rambod though out my off season. So I am looking so forward to seeing the improvements.
Thank you to all my fans who sent me emails when I was in Texas. I came back to over 100 emails from people who said I looked good at the show. Troy Brown is a fighter and never gives up. This game has a lot of ups and downs and it is the one who just keeps taking the hits comes though the champ in end.
Well I got to go and eat some well deserved pasta and a diet coke. But I will be putting progress off season pics on flexonline though out the year so stay tuned for that.

God bless you all and remember...Feel good!!!!!!

Troy Brown :)
Ifbb pro

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