Friday, April 4, 2008

Been a while everyone!!

Hello everyone,

Ever so sorry for not keeping up to date with my Blog boys and girls. Eight weeks have past since the Ironman and a lot has happened since then. I would first like to point out my thoughts about the Ironman before I go on with whats happening with Troy Brown.
The Ironam was a great experience for me. I got on stage with the best bodybuilders in world. It was a day I will never forget. Even though I never got into the top 15 I still leaned alot from the show and made new friends but above all, I got noticed. I now feel Troy Brown has to compete in the USA all time from now on.
As I said eight weeks have flown by and I was back in the gym the next day after the Ironman. I had my first photo shoot with Musclemag on the Sunday in Lake forest CA. It was a bit of a drive from my hotel in down town LA but well wroth the ride as I believe a bodybuilder should make every effort to do Photo shoots when ever they are in shape. The whole was great but very stuff to say the least. We did around three hours in total and I was so depleted from the show a day before but I said to my self that this is what I want to do so keep going. I had Meghan with me all the way though so she kept me motivated.
Since then I been working hard on a new training program I have been given. I have a new trainer now and we are working hard on my weak body parts.
Are plan is that I compete in August and September. I will be competing in the Europa Pro in Texas and the Atlantic City Pro in September. As I speak I am around 245lbs with a bad back. I pulled my back on Tuesday night doing a leg workout.I have deep tissue tonight so that should help. So I am now going to try and up date you all more often with my progress and what I up to every week. I would like to thank all my fans who sent message on how I looked at the ironman. It was so nice to get such great positive feed back from everyone.

Stay tuned for more of my blogs next.

God bless

Troy tuff enuff Brown :)

PS A message to my son Rory Brown..your daddy loves ya. Always remember that.

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