Monday, May 5, 2008

Whats up people???

Hi everyone,

A new fresh week is now here. This very sort offseason for me has been a strange one to say least. I am at my lightest weight ever in my offseason. This time last year I holding my weight around 250lbs and right Troy Brown is bang on 235lbs. So I am not far away from my competition weight which was at the ironman 241!!! So your thinking why is Troy so light in body weight...well it is going to be a surprise come August at the Europa (I hope)

Since the Ironman I have been working closely with someone in the USA we have really payed more attention to my arms and shoulders. I am praying everyone can notice the results at the Europa. I pray for some good call outs!!

To everyone waiting to get there hands on my very first training has been done and we have just finished the cover so not long before it goes out to the public. I am also in the process of filming another DVD here in Canada. We start filming The new DVD next month.

Keep checking my blog for more updates!!

god bless all

Troy :)

PS To my son Rory Brown...... your dad will not let you down.

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