Monday, January 28, 2008

3 weeks out from ironman pro show.

Hi everyone :)

I hope you all are safe and well,

Well I am 3 weeks out from making my USA pro debut in LA. I am now currently 230lbs (10lbs lighter than when I was at my debut in Montreal) and in my best ever condition at any show I have ever done 3 weeks out. I am eating lots and still droping so got to keep my food intake up. I really feel that this show will make Troy Brown a force.This is my time to show the world that Troy belongs in the pro ranks. I will be at my best and i will come in 100%. I will be on the money for sure. I just have to Cruise into the show now as I have been dieting for same time now. So the key for me right now is to do nothing crazy in the gym, lots of posing and staying stress free. I am feeling the diet but I am in great spirits.

Thanks for checking my web site out. I will be revamping my site real soon so check it out.

God bless everyone and never give up on a dream!

Troy Brown
ifbb pro

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