Thursday, August 2, 2007

I cant help it had to post 02.08.07

Hi everyone

i did say i do a weekly post but cant resist had to put another post down :)
Any way reality is really kicking in now, cant believe the show is in 6 weeks, so excited but also very nervous too!! I was up this morning at 4:30am this morning doing cardio and then jumped straight into my car to train my first client at 6:30am, as i speak im very tried so when im done here I'm going back to my gym where i train my clients and have a hour nap then train chest and bicep, hard and heavy!!! Then tan for 20mins!! Oh yeah just to let you all know I'm still trying to sort out my first training dvd which we short in march but seems to be taking a while to edit, but ill keep u all posted on when it would be out!!!
I'm hoping on the day of the show i can weigh in around 240lbs which is pretty good for my height which is only 5ft 6in, if i can came in the same condition like i did last year then hoping for a top 10 finish.....god willing....anything better than that would be like winning.

Who knows i may even post again tomorrow :)

god bless everyone

troy boy :)

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