Saturday, August 18, 2007

Hello it me again :)
well I've been so busy with prep and working I've had no time to do my blog, but it sat and i got a little free time so i thought id keep you all up dated with whats been happening.
Well its been a good diet so far I'm 3 and a bit weeks out now from pro debut, and things seem to be going well. My food intake is still high and my training is though the roof. I plan to fly out to Montreal on the 3rd of Sept so that should give me plenty of time to get settled. i got no time to rest as i got to go to La one day after the show, then fly back to London and stay on my diet for the Spanish show, so lots of flying to do, not sure how my body will react as I've never competed aboard before. So I'm feeling good and strong, but not getting much sleep.
Been also working hard on m routine too, it should be a good one.
To all those who cant go and support me in Montreal the sow will be live on web cast i think!!!

I got to go now and eat so ill post again in the week

god bless

troy :)

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