Wednesday, August 1, 2007

hi all two weeks into my diet!! 01.08.07

Hi every one
well after a tuff year i owed it to myself to compete as i had so much personal stuff going on, and im am pleased to say everything is going ok!! im feel so good lots of energy and till lifting heavy! my diet this year (pre contest) is higher in carbs and protein, as its only week two dieting i can start to see a few changes. My abs and chest arms and quads are coming in!!!
You my not remember that last year i did Nero cardio for my show when i won my pro card, but this year i decided to give it a try so im doing 30mins every day fast power walking on treadmill, im still having to get up at 5am every day to do my clients and cardio work!! been also working hard on my routine too, and posing every day!! i will add a weekly post for you all form now on to let you all know how im doing. Im so excited to be competing against my heros, i looked up to all these guys for long, and if i get a call out with any of them it would be like i won the show.

gos bless all

ps keep training hard and eat well!!!

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