Thursday, April 12, 2012

7 Weeks Out From Toronto Pro

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to first apologizes for not posting more blogs on my journey to my big return to the stage. Things are heating up here and I am at the stage of the prep where the diet starts to hit you. Sometimes I think that the diet is easy but it is the lack of sleep that effects you in the latter stages of the prep. Lots of visits to the bathroom does interrupt your sleep.
My training is going well and I feel really strong but I found that training at 70% intensity really allows my body to hold on to more muscle. Back in the day I would train at a crazy intensity and I found I was over training and felt that I was losing muscle.
I have not deviated from my training in regards to training the same way from off season to pre contest. I see this in a lot of athletes. They train in higher rep range and drop the weight due to getting ready to compete. I think Phil Heath says it very well that he would not change the way he trains from off season to pre contest. For me this makes sense as you want to hold on to all that muscle you have gained in the off season going into your show.
I have been getting a lot of messages asking to me if I am still doing the 212lbs class and my answer is yes and no. I am still not sure and Harold (my coach) and I think that at this point of my prep I should not be thinking about the 212lbs class. If I make it great and if I don't well I will just do the open. Still it would be nice to see what I would look like at 212lbs. Harold my trainer did make a good point that I did turn pro at 221lbs and I was in good shape that year. Right now my weight is 229lbs this morning Seven weeks out.
I am also pleased that I do not have to do any more traveling till the show. March was a crazy month of traveling for me having to fly to Vegas, then a trip to Toronto. But I was pleased that I stuck to the diet 100% while traveling. So if you are traveling, pre prepare your food and take it with you. Or if you are traveling by plane, as soon as you land find the nearest food store and get your clean foods.
Well that's it from my end. Thanks for reading everyone and put in the work! More updates to come.
With gratitude,
Troy :)

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