Friday, January 27, 2012

New Beginnings

Hi Everyone,
It has been one full year since my last post on this particular blog page.
The reason for this was due to my shock announcement that I had retired from the sport of bodybuilding. So I stopped blogging about my career.
Well, I will be now making the most of this blog page by updating you guys with lots of news and video footage on my quest for my return back to the stage. I will be giving away tons of secrets on nutrition and training for those of you who are looking for inspiration on the quest for a healthier and more muscular you!
So you guessed it I am back and I will be competing in the Toronto Pro show June 1st 2012. Mark it in your day timer if you have one.
I will be updating my current success blog at be sure to check it out. Lots of great content in there to keep you all moving forward and get you closer to your goals! I will see if I can put a video together over the next few days and tell you guys my thoughts on this next contest prep.
It has been four years since I competed which was the Europa Pro in Dallas. I plan to bring my best ever package ever (we all say this lol)
I am back with my trainer Harold Marillier which I am very excited about as he knows my body better than anyone. We have spoken about doing the 212lbs class and I think it might be a challenge for me making that class but I will give it 150%.
To all my fans who may have forgotten about me be sure to keep your eyes open for me.
Train hard and put in the work,
With Gratitude, Troy :)
PS I have taken down my web site but I am working on a brand new site. Coming soon!

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