Friday, April 15, 2011

Competing With Balance (9 weeks Out)

Hi Everyone,

Everything is going nice and smoothly with my prep for the Toronto Pro in June but I don't really want to ramble on about me in this blog.

I received an amazing email from a good friend Matt Park the other day on the importance of competing with Balance and I thought it would be a good thing to share it with you all. I hope Matt does not mind..........

Do you stuggle in maintaining balance in your life with family, friends and a social life in getting ready for a show? This can be very difficult to deal with but here are a few tips that help.

1. Surround yourself with powerful, positive friends that make you laugh and are great support.

2. If you are married or are in a relationship, talk to your partner, work as a team, let them know how you feel on good or bad days. Don't hold in emotions.

3. Prepare your meals in advance. When you are prepared you have less stress and can enjoy your days much more.

4. Be proud of yourself each day. Even if you have a tough day find something positive and focus on that perspective.

5. Live with gratitude.

I think number five is very important as we tend to forget all the good things in our lives like are family, friends, our home etc.

If I am having a tough time on the diet while getting ready to compete I will sit down and get a pen and pad and write out 10 things that I am grateful for. It soon changes my state of having a pity party to feeling grateful and joyful.

Do not feel sorry for yourself, have balance in your life!!

Stay strong!

Troy :)

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