Friday, September 12, 2008

Post comp feed back.

Hello everyone,

It's been four weeks since I competed and now that I am in my offseason I must say that I was not big enough at the Europa. Yes my condition was spot on but I felt I over dieted as well. I think looking back over the last year I just choose the wrong shows and did to many shows in total. For example I made my Pro debut at the Montreal Pro in 2007 then three weeks later competed at the Spain show. Then had a few months off then back on the diet for the Ironman. Then after the ironman I had a few more months off then back on the diet for the Europa. Looking back now I wish I would of just took a year off after the spain show to add more size. But I wanted more succsess after placing so well in spain (top 6)

I can honestly say I took a step back on my physique, I never really had the time to make improvements from the Ironman to the Europa. I just wanted to make up for my placing at the Ironman. Yes you could say it is much harder to place in America but I just wanted to make an impact in the U.S. Again I am learning a valuable lesson that you can not keep doing show after show without having a good offseason. As I said before in previous blogs that I have not had a good offseason since 2004.

Seating here typing this I am so hungry to make my name in the pro ranks. I know hand on heart if I can pack on 10lbs of muscle in my next offseason then it is ON, I know my physique can handle much more muscle and size. I know what I have to do now and with Hany in my corner I feel next year can be great for me. In a wried way it is strange when you are a pro. In the amateurs I was winning shows since 2005 onwards then I turned pro and it feels like I have to start all over again. I remember at the Europa I was saying to myself "lots of call outs, lots of call out" when I finally got a call out I remember flex Lewis cheering me on as he was in the line up.

I am back training and not going crazy as my joints hurt but I am getting some amazing pumps.

Right now my weight is 240lbs. Yes I have had a few treats but I am now eating clean. I do feel at a bit of a loose end right now as I have to wait to the Mr Olympia is finished so I can get my offseason program from Hany who has a few guys and girls doing the Olympia. So harry up Hanny lol

I have been also getting a few emails from fans wishing me good luck for the Atlantic city pro tomorrow and just for the record I will NOT be competing lol. This man needs a off season with lots of food and sleep. I got a lot of growing to do.

Follow your bliss!!!!!

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