Thursday, September 25, 2008

The mind is the key!!

Good day everyone,

Something that I am learning over the years, well the last two years since I turned pro is the power of the mind. Not just in my pro bodybuilding career but in everyday life. I always have to be in a positive state of mind. I have found this most challenging week in week out. When dieting for a show I am someone who seems to always be in a negative state of mind, but what I am learning in life is to always be positive no matter what. The hardest thing I find being an athlete is shifting my mind set from negative to positive. This is very hard to do indeed but what works every time is try to make yourself happy, then you start to feel more positive. Yes there are things in my life that I still want as an athlete and as a person but I cant stress over it, this is the worst thing I can do, all I can do is say to myself I will get theses things no matter what, it will happen, I believe it will happen, I deserve it. What I say to myself time and time again is SUCCESS, SUCCESS, SUCCESS all though the day. This really helps put me in a positive frame of mind. As I said before this is not easy and I am still learning how to use positive thinking as one of my main weapons as an athlete and person. Bottom line is are you happy?
God bless
Troy Brown :)

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