Monday, November 23, 2009

Are You Doing Everything You Can In Order To In Sure Success

Hi everyone,

One thing that strikes me pretty much on a daily basis is, am I doing everything I possibly can in order to be the best bodybuilder I can be. This subject goes though my mind many times throughout the day.

The points I address to myself are:
. Am I going to the gym and making every workout count? I mean really count?
. Am I getting the food I need to be the a champion?
. Am I making the changes to my physique? Am I seeing changes?
. Am I looking after my body (my investment)?
. Is my desire and hunger for the sport still strong as ever?
. Do I give my body the rest it needs in order to grow?
. Am I giving back to the sport of bodybuilding? Do I help others?

All of theses thing come into my mind very frequently.

My main goal is always trying to be better and to keep growing as a person and keep making the improvements I need to be the best bodybuilder I can be.

When I go to the gym I have to really make that workout count. I see time and time again so many people not being focused in the gym. They spend way to much time talking instead they should be training and being more productive.

Looking back over the years over years I have always said to myself "Am I doing enough to be the athlete I want to be"?

When most bodybuilders go on stage and don't do as well as they should, they have to say to themselves did they do everything in there power the whole year round. Did they train hard enough, did they eat clean all year round, did they stay out of the bars and clubs, did they sacrifice enough?

When I had not such a good year competing I would blame the judges and say to myself that they got it wrong. Instead what I should have done is take a hard look at myself and ask myself if I did everything in my power to place better in that show? Did I do everything I could in order to be where I want to be?

Ponder this for a moment and say to yourself....Am I doing everything I possibly can right now to be where I want to be?

To the next level!!!

Troy Duracell Brown



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