Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Things That Hold You Back....Part 1

Hi everyone,

It has been a few weeks since I last posted a blog and to be honest I have been struggling in my mind about what to blog about. Finally, I was able to formulate into words something that I have given a lot of thought to lately and in the past.

I am sure everyone is familiar with two very strong and very negative emotions; Jealousy and Envy...

I will hold my hand up and say that I have gone though the sport of bodybuilding having many moments of jealousy and envy towards others.

Some of the things I would say and feel as an example are: "I am better than that person so I deserve it more than him..." or "Why does so and so get all the good luck, exposure and benefits...he is not even that good....." I think you know what I am getting at.

I have learned a lot about myself and how jealousy and envy affects me. The things I have learned are:
  • Jealousy is being afraid of losing something that you do not have. That tells me that it is a rather pointless emotion.
  • When you get like this you just keep pushing away the things you want in life.
  • It is important to be truly grateful (key word) for the things you have achieved in life whatever it may be. It is the gratitude that brings more good things.
  • It is important to be as enthusiastic about the success of others as I am about my own.
  • That I should be focusing so much of my attention on improving myself that I have no time to be jealous or envious of others.
  • Jealously can be eliminated through right thinking and looking at the cause of it.

  • So, if you are going though the same thing as I did then I can say without doubt that your life will improve once your eliminate these negative feelings. If you see someone doing well be happy for them and know that you have the ability to achieve your goals too. Stay focused on your goals and on improving yourself because those are the only things you can control.

    Have a great week! Thanks for reading! Time for my next meal!
    Troy :-)

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    Ron Partlow said...

    So true big man. Sometimes, certain things just come easier or faster for others.....but that doesn't mean they won't ever come to you. If you stay focused on YOUR task at hand and the work YOU have to do, then eventually you will be where you strived to be all along.

    Sometimes.....the people who get what they want the fastest, appreciate it the least. When you have to work hard and long for something, there is a certain satisfaction that you will get that the others will have missed.

    Keeping the negative out of your mental zone is something every athlete deals with, and in the bodybuilding world it can be magnified several times over, so we just have to focus extra hard on our task at hand.

    You're a great example of staying positive and believing you can achieve anything.